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[$300] #127 | Too Many Rich People
Price: $300

Description: We have people buying too expensive vehicles in many large cities after WW2. I believe the main issue is that the formula takes into account spending rates for single car families before the war. Post-war, many households became two-car families. The number of cars sold in this era reflects this change. But the prices households pay for their vehicles remain the same.

This bounty would progressively alter the wealth demographics formula over time using the turnevents.xml file. The goal is to reduce household spending rates for new vehicles closer to the modern spending rate of 70% of household income per vehicle. I'll also gather some more historical data between WW2 and now. I'll make adjustments to the formulas based on this data.

In addition to this, we'll also be cutting back on 4x percapita buyers somewhat. Many people buying vehicles in that price range are enthusiasts and do not represent the buying pools for that wealth demographic.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: Balancing ultra-wealthy sales and things like supercars will always be difficult.

This bounty might not truly fix the problem. Worse, it may cause additional problems.

I have discounted this bounty a bit much for the amount of (time-consuming) work it will require.

Eric's Opinion: The game has an issue of people being able to sell their vehicles at too high of a price. Other bounties address the design portion of this problem. This bounty focuses on the consumers themselves and their willingness to spend too much in the modern era. I have discounted this bounty to start fixing this problem in the game.

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