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[$500] #20 | Sales Projection System
Price: $500

Description: This bounty adds a new dynamic report that estimates global and regional long-term sales for a selected model over multiple price points. The report will be accessible while designing vehicles, during development, and after releasing them.

The system will use the Buyer Rating Table system to calculate the sales of a vehicle at multiple price points above the material costs in every city in the game.

The report will then divide sales into several categories for each price point. It will display both estimated sales for all cities and only those with branches. It will also narrow down the estimations to regional, subregional, and national levels. It also shows estimated sales over a 1, 3, 6, and 12 month period for these locations.

It will display this information in price increments of 25% over unit cost, 50%, 100%, 150%, and 200%.

Implementation of this system could open the door to adding the Buyer Rating Estimated Sales Chart to the District system too. (Buyer Rating Table will still not be displayed, though.)

Finally, the same system will work with individual components. However, instead of looking at different price points, the Sales Projection System will process through each vehicle that uses a component design. And then display the sum totals required in each geographical category. This part of the feature is mainly for use in the Component Production and Inventory bounty.

Some of these features might but cut or narrowed if processing time takes too long. See Concerns.

Requirements: None

Required By: #19, #21

Concerns: This bounty would greatly expand the buyer rating table system to handle much more work. That might result in slower processing times for this report. The big concern is that the report will take too long to process. In that case, we may have to cut some of the categories. For example, we may have to reduce the price points or remove the All Cities category.

The other concern is that these are estimations. And long-term estimations are going to be woefully inaccurate because of other company's actions and unforeseen events (the game will not look ahead and see what's going to happen.) Some players may rely too heavily on these numbers expecting the sales to match exactly.

Eric's Opinion: This ticket is required for the Complete Factory And Production Redesign bounty. Otherwise, that system will be un-useable. Beyond that, I don't think this ticket adds too much to the current production system other than an estimation if you'll have enough production lines in total. Because you can adjust production as often as you like, you do not need this amount of planning with the current system.

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