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[$3500] #1055 | Oldie Styles: Cyclecar - Eric.B - 05-25-2022

Price: $3500

Description: Cyclecars were small, cheap, minimal-bodied vehicles in the early brass era. They were larger than voiturette's but smaller than runabouts and phaetons. They occasionally had more weather protection than runabouts. They were powered by small engines, typically used for motorcycles. There are weight restrictions to be classified as a cyclecars.

Cyclecars would displace Voiturettes, but cheaply manufactured sedans would displace them by the 1920s.

Currently, we have Cyclecars covered under phaetons. This bounty would split those vehicle types from each other. What's the difference? Cyclecars are mostly smaller phaetons.

This bounty creates 15 Cyclecar using the new Body Designer Mk 2 system.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!

Cyclecar Wikipedia