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[$1,000] #149 | Software Renderer | Requires: #146 - Eric.B - 04-07-2022

Price: $1,000

Description: The latest versions of Ogre3D implement a software renderer that emulates OpenGL calls.

This bounty would add that software renderer to the game. This would mean that you could play GearCity without any hardware acceleration.

Performance issues would be a concern. There is no way to be sure if the game will perform well enough in a software rendering mode. But if it did, it would allow you to play the game on computers without 3d drivers. It would also become our default debugging option for players that have graphical issues running the game.

Requirements: #146

Required By: None

Concerns: Performance might not be fast enough for any use. This bounty might fail because CEF might not play well with it.

Eric's Opinion: This bounty is more of a novelty. It has some merit as a fallback option for people who can't manage their systems. It could also allow porting the game to OSs like Amiga or Haiku. It will also allow the game to run on non-hardware accelerated Virtual Machines.

Performance is the key, though. This bounty is a complete waste of time if it only gets a couple of FPS on modern hardware.

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