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Full Version: Starting Funds
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I've been adding some AIs to my latest map, and noticed on that the "Starting Funds" are adjusted.

I am curious if it's a future possibility (FBS item?) to make it optional whether they are adjusted?  I'd come up with a formula for starting funds based on historical information, and noticed they were being adjusted way higher than where I'd like them, so I've been counter-weighting the values I put in the XML files to mostly counteract the game's adjustments.
If I recall, if you set the AI starting funds to 0 and do not give yourself extra funds, the AI should start with the starting fund values unless "establish companies" is enabled and the company was founded before the start of the game. (Starting funds slider might need to be set higher than 0, but there is specific value which the game will use the .xml numbers.)
Ah, I was using "established companies". I will try turning that off and seeing how it affects it. Thanks!
Okay, figured it out. I disabled establish AI, made sure I wasn't giving myself any extra funds, and set the AI funding slider all the way to the left (setting it to the right did indeed give the AI even more funds). The latter was the key change, the others may not have been necessary.

So that means I should be able to achieve my goal by having, "set that slider all the way left" be part of my recommended map setup. It disables many performance-based achievements, but that probably makes sense on a custom map.

Edit: Confirmed that I can give myself extra money and have the "established" box checked and the funds still match up, if the AI Funds slider is all the way left. The latter's a bit surprising, I thought it would be slightly off due to established AI, but the problem is solved.

Thanks again!
Yeah, this is a case of unplanned new features getting added on top of each other layer after layer until the original is practically non-existent. The starting funds used to be exactly what AI started with, but now they're now they are just a suggestion.