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Full Version: [FIXED]Suggested price for contracts gets stuck.
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When you look at a non fixed price contract that you actually can fulfill, the game auto suggest a price. If you click on the next contract or the next car/component on the same contract, it doesn't release the price and suggest a new one. It just sticks with the first price no matter what you do. If you switch between office and design then open contracts menu again it gets released but only for the first contract you look at then it gets stuck again.
I have adjusted this behavior for v2.0.0.8. When you switch a contract, it will give you a new suggested price. The game does not change the recommended price inside a contract, however. It works like this because many users will enter a price and then make bids for all their units using that price. Making it behave this way in the first place is what prevented price changes when changing contracts.