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Full Version: If you select a map after selecting a year, the year resets to 1900
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Reading the AeroMogul Update reminded me of this bug (unintuitive behavior?) I'd noticed but hadn't reported yet in GearCity.

If you do to New Game, intuitively the first thing to do is select the year in the upper left.  But if you then change the map, the year resets to 1900.

This has got me a few times, wanting to start later and wondering why the AI competition is from 1900 instead of say 1968; it's because I'm in 1900.

IIRC scenarios/maps can set custom start/end dates so it's probably resetting to whatever the scenario's earliest start date is, which is usually 1900... but it's a bit of a gotcha with the order of the UI elements.  It would be nice if it remembered your selection so long as it's within the scenario's valid start range.

Definitely minor, no need to delay if it's going to be a big change.
This is not a bug. Maps can have different years as defined in the map files. When you switch maps, you switch out all of the information, including the starting/default year. This resets the selected year because the slider resets, and there is no checking if the previous selected year is within year range.

Yes, the UI order is incorrect. But I am not overhauling the UI outside of FBS bounties.