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Full Version: Can't create threads in the FBS Suggestions forum
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I was going to create a thread in the FBS Suggestions forum (, but it seems I cannot do so.  I can create threads in the Benefactor Lounge.

(note to self, the thread was going to suggest something to do with being able to set more fine-grained direction for subsidiaries, especially wholly-owned ones.  I'd like to be able to outsource vehicle categories or geographic regions to those subsidiaries without them eventually becoming competitors... yeah I could re-absorb them if they start overlapping too much, but I'd like to say, "you be Ford Europe, I'll be Ford North America", or "Jeep, you go make all sorts of SUVs and pickups while as Chrysler I'll handle the sedans."  I searched the FBS list but if there's something similar, I haven't found it yet)
It should be fixed now, thanks. Try again.