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Full Version: [FIXED] Contracting Revenues - Non-Currency Numbers Sort as Strings
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Another minor report issue - I noticed that on the Contracts report, all non-currency numbers sort as strings.



It's sorted by Shipped/Month, and as you can see it's sorting all the 1's first, then all the 2's, etc.  The same applies for Needed/Month and Units Remaining.

Not really a huge deal, the info's there, just happened to notice it while checking to see how my pickup truck contracts with the British Army were going.

Minor corollary, "Not Applicable" for munitions contracts sorts at the top in descending order.  It's always a question where those strings should sort among numbers, but if I had to choose one here, I'd choose "at the bottom in descending order" - the high-volume contracts are most likely the most important ones.  I'd much rather prioritize those British pickups than a couple dozen Portuguese compact SUVs.


While I'm at it, an oddity I'd noticed before but never bothered to report, on the Vehicle Class Market Share, for some reason anything with a "0" sorts first.  So if you have 0-0.99% of the market, it sorts like this:


Again, kind of minor, no idea if other people look at that report as often as I do.

I think that exhausts all report bugs I know of currently.  Thanks for fixing the ones you've already fixed, I know I reported at least one on Steam a year or two ago as well, and it's been fixed since before 2.0.0.
Thanks for reporting these. I should have them fixed for v2.0.0.7 in the next couple of days. I'll report back when I complete them.
I've fixed issues on both reports. I didn't touch the 'Not Applicable' request since it would require overhauling the reports tables.