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Full Version: Bug report - Total Cost of Delivery
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I have a bug report for the Total Cost of Delivery report.  Last night I noticed that some of my cars were really expensive to deliver...

[Image: TCO%20Report.png]

I soon realized that it's only the cars that are mostly on contracts.  Here are the sales for that E-85 model:

[Image: V-1%20E85%20Sales.png]

77K * 4 / 460 = 675, which is in the range that I would expect for that vehicle.

Not really a huge issue, and obviously wrong in this case, but I could see it making things look unprofitable when they aren't if, say, 25% of a vehicle's sales were to contracts.

I kept playing after taking the screenshots before thinking to save, and then a war broke out, but hopefully that's specific enough to identify the issue.
Sorry I missed this. It looks like the forum software didn't sub me the new forums I made.

Total Costs of Delivery isn't transportation costs. It's a similar value as Total Unit Costs found in the Branch windows, except that this is calculated for the previous turn, thus more accurate. I don't have all your numbers, but I do have your material costs, which makes up a good portion of Total Costs of Delivery.

$299,460/ 4 = $74,865.

From the looks of it, the system doesn't include contract sales. And it should either be ALL sales or ALL production.

$299,460 / 460 = $651.

So I will add it to my list for v2.0.0.7, thanks!
Oh yeah, I didn't mean "transportation", although I see I wrote "delivery", so it does sound like that. But I think we're on the same page. Thanks for taking a look at it!