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Full Version: [$600] #282 | Fuel Infrastructure | Requires: #88
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Price: $600

Description: Currently, you can only influence fuel popularity through increased market share. The game also increases fuel popularity statically through the TurnEvents.xml file.

This bounty would add a system similar to research teams that invests in and lobby for fuel types. With this bounty, you will subsidize infrastructure, research, marketing, lobbying, etc. With the hopes of increasing a fuel type's popularity.

To give real-world examples, we won't be allowing you to run a charging network like Tesla. But you will subsidize third-party companies to build this infrastructure like all the other manufacturers are doing.

Requirements: #88

Required By: None

Concerns: Some players will want to build the infrastructure themselves. I'm not sure how common this is, but the only example I know of where a company controls both the manufacturing of the vehicle and the fueling infrastructure is Tesla. Most companies subsidize third-party companies to increase alternative fuel's popularity. Not doing that in the game could disappoint those users.

Eric's Opinion: This is more of a modern phenomenon from my understanding. Most companies only used subsidizing alternative fuels as a means of marketing. Only in the last couple of decades have efforts been serious in building alternative infrastructure. The most visible is electric, but there were efforts with E85, Autogas, and Fuel Cells too.

This bounty would add a good money sink for players looking to use alternative fuels. It would also increase adoption rates for alternative fuels, making it more realistic growth if a company was throwing billions at the problem.

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