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Full Version: [$1000] #281 | Variable Valve Timing/Lift | Requires: #68
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Price: $1000

Description: This bounty adds several variable valve timing systems to the engine valve system as add-ons/optional equipment.

Variable Valves allow for the adjustments of timing and lifts to better suit engine conditions and needs. These can increase engine performance, reduce fuel consumption, or lower emissions depending on the situation.

Each VVC method we implement will have pros and cons, and the player will be able to choose what the focus of the VVC is on. (Examples, increasing power, decreasing fuel consumption, lowering emissions, etc.)

Requirements: #68

Required By: None

Concerns: I won't be able to give players fine-grained control over what their valves do and when. This means there will be a level of abstraction, and many people are vocal against that.

The engine system doesn't have much of an add-on system. Hopefully, the community funds equipment options before this bounty so I can have the internals set up for this in advance. Otherwise, this bounty might end up a little more time-consuming than expected.

Eric's Opinion: VVT/VVL is an often requested feature of tuner car fans. While VVC can improve engine performance, the industry mostly uses them for emissions. So I only want to add them to the game after implementing emissions. With emissions, it'll give the player more than just a cost-to-performance benefit analysis. They will have to decide what they want the VVT to focus on at a particular stage (low, medium, high).

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