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Full Version: [$2000] #239 | Union Strength | Requires: #189
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Price: $2000

Description: This bounty adds a union strength variable. The more powerful the union, the more likely they'll demand new things. We'll also use this variable to show how flexible the union is during negotiations. We'll also implement Deadlocks during negotiations and union-busting to prevent increased union strength.

Different regions are more likely to have stronger Unions because of the strike variables found in another bounty.

Requirements: #189

Required By: None

Concerns: More data points for the player to manage. Increasing the game's anti-union stance might put some users off.

Eric's Opinion: This will make a big difference in making unions more realistic. Unions are typically stronger in geographical regions, and how strong the union is often plays a part in how well they serve their members. Expanding the system with Union Busting and Deadlocks will make the system more realistic in the business owner's favor. Players will want to weaken the union before the unions are too strong. Once the unions are strong, they'll be able to demand more, more often.

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