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Full Version: [$600] #209 | Dealer Coverage
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Price: $600

Description: In GearCity classic, dealerships add a fixed number of new customers to the buyer pool. But you still had access to most of the buyer pool, even if you only had 1 dealer.

This bounty would set a number of dealerships required to have "full coverage" in a city/location. You will only access a fraction of the buyer pool if you have less than that amount. For example, if you have 2 dealerships and you need 20 to have full coverage, you'll lose out on 90% of the buyer pool. That would reduce your sales by an estimated 90%.

The breakdown will not be as linear, but that example gives a general idea of what happens.

Additional adjustments may occur to dealership growth and the dealer's effect on buyer rating.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: We'll need a good way to inform the user that they don't have enough dealerships in a location. Should we tell the player how many dealerships they need to have full coverage?

I believe there should be dimensioning coverage gains for each dealership. That way, a single dealership still gives you a decent pool of customers, a second dealership more, a 30th dealership much fewer gains.

Eric's Opinion: The current dealership system, while important, isn't realistic. Cities in the game cover a regional area. This bounty would make that more apparent and makes branch dealership growth extremely important.

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