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Full Version: [$1000] #75 | Powertrain Add-on Sub-Components
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Price: $1000

Description: This bounty adds additional add-on selectable sub-component to the chassis and gearbox designers. Some examples of these sub-components include 4-wheel steering, Traction Control, Torque Vectoring, Locking Diffs, Adjustable Ride Heights, Power Steering (Electrohydraulic, EPS, Hydraulic etc).

Requirements:  None

Required By: None

Concerns:  It might be better to include some of these items in the Vehicle Options listing bounty (#76). That bounty likely obsoletes most of these items. Better to fund it instead.

I wanted to avoid players going through lists of items and selecting them with checkboxes. That's what this bounty gives you.

View Vehicle Details will become crowded with more sub-component types. We will omit this information from the current view details windows. Ideally, we fund the removal of 1-100 ratings and get static vehicle information reports. 

Eric's Opinion: When designing GearCity, I tried to limit the number of items the player had to choose. Of course, the fanbase I attracted wants as many options to choose from.

Static vehicle information reports might become a requirement for this bounty after I loop through all the tickets.

The Vehicle Options list (#76) would obsolete most of these options, so I think it wiser to fund that bounty, and we can move a lot of these "tack on" systems to the vehicle designer in a single list.