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Full Version: Complete-[$400] #44 | Autoproduction Custom Districts
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Price: $400

Description: Currently, the Autoproduction system can only be restricted by marque ownership or regional production. This bounty adds a new restriction that allows you to restrict autoproduction to specific districts.

The system will feature two dropdowns for premade and custom districts. It will also have a district restriction list. The player will select a district from the dropdowns and assign them to the list.

The game will verify that no duplicate cities are in a district on the list. For example, the pre-made district "France" and "Europe" can not be added to the list at the same time because all of the cities in the "France" district are in the "Europe" district.

Any cities not included in a district will be clumped together in their own group as a district.

From there, the autoproduction system works just like the regional system. It will produce the needed amount of vehicles inside the assigned districts for the assigned district, and it will not ship out of that district.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: This item is a bit complex, but I think most of what is needed is already in the game. The main concern is to make sure that there are no duplicate cities when creating the district lists.

Players might have trouble knowing what cities are in what district, especially on the world map. The game should probably prompt the player if there is a duplicate city, so they know. On the world map, we might consider changing the color of the assigned cities.

Eric's Opinion: While the Regional Autoproduction system fixed many of the complaints with the original implementation of autoproduction, it only generated a whole number of other complaints concerning how large continents are and shipping costs. Yadda yadda. This bounty is the more expensive solution to those complaints. Sub-regional autoproduction restriction is the cheaper solution for this. This item is discounted because it's frequently requested.

This bounty is finished. I lost a few days to illness, and I also tried to implement to make this system a little more advance/better than the bounty, only to remind myself on the very last part that all branch/factory pairs have to be unique. That costs me a day or two to rewrite about half this bounty.

Luckily, this is the last major rewrite bounty for this milestone. The remaining three big bounties are new features, which are easier to slap in than rewriting 30,000 lines and 10,000 lines in the Move to ID, and This bounty, respectively.