Feature Bounty System

Welcome to Visual Entertainment and Technologies' Feature Bounty System. This page explains how the bounty system works, answers your questions, links to the bounties, and shows how to help.


The Feature Bounty System is a crowdfunded development as a service platform designed to provide additional features to GearCity. In addition to this, the Feature Bounty System may also be used to fund future projects.

The system is divided into three parts: Contributors, Milestones, and Bounties.

Contributors are supporters of the Feature Bounty System. For each dollar a backer contributes, they'll receive 1 vote. These votes are used when selecting which bounties to pay for out of the Milestone funds. The contributor may use more than one vote when voting. So the more votes you have, the more your voice is heard when it comes time for voting. Currently, you may contribute to the Feature Bounty System using Patreon or PayPal. More payments systems will be implemented soon.

Milestones are cumulative fundraising goals. When the sum of community contributions reaches the milestone goal, contributors will vote on bounties they wish to fund. The winning features have their bounties subtracted from the Milestone funds. When the Milestone Funds runs out of funds, work begins on the next update, and the community starts raising money for the next Milestone goal.

Bounties are individual or groups of features with a price tag assigned to them, called a bounty. When a Milestone goal is reached, contributors will vote on which bounties they want to buy. The bounties are paid for out of the Milestone funds. The bounties are selected by popular vote, in the order of vote count. However, if the number of votes for a bounty exceeds its price, it will automatically be funded.


As of 2023/7/1:
Funds: $1174.20
Milestone Goal: $2500
Deadline: 2025/5
Contributors: 289


As of 2024/5/22:
Completed: 22
Funded: 9
Unfunded (Voteable): 284
Unfunded (Restricted): 250
Total Bounties: 539


Voting is currently not active. Please subscribe to the forums and keep an eye on your email address for when voting begins.