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Real brands list
Hello. I was wondering, does anyone have a list with real brands names... I mean, i know that beta aroma is Alfa Romeo, or Generic cars is General Motors, but there is many other brands that i dont know which real brand they represent. Can anyone post that list here on forum? I would be very gratefull...
Sorry for the late reply.

You shouldn't confuse the in game companies with real life companies. There are no real companies inside the game. None of car companies inside the game represent real life companies.

Anyway, if you're looking for a list of car companies, I suggest as a good comprehensive source for real car companies and their logos. Click the # and letters at the bottom, and it'll pull up pages with english names and if you click a name, it'll show you the brand's logo. Some of the brands give you a bit of information about them as well. Such as when they operated.

Anyway, I hope that helps!
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