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Saab Parody In The Game?
Been playing GearCity for about 100 hours on steam so far; one of my favourite things is the parody car company names... They make me laugh sometimes - some of the names are genius.

One thing I was wondering however was the existence of a Saab equivalent in the game. I know GM owned them during the 90s and 2000s but they don't exist under the Marques.

Anyone know if they're in the game?
Legalese speaking, All companies in the game are fictional and should not be confused with real companies, marques, or trademarks.

When I designed the classic map some 8 years ago, I made 300 car companies mostly with the letters A-H. I stopped at 300 companies because I needed to spend my time doing other things and because the engine could barely handle it. Presently the engine/turn times are even slower, so me adding any more AI to the game is very unlikely. Not to mention that adding new AI to the game costs money which I can ill afford at this time. (Unique logo artwork is slow to make and fairly expensive.)

So there will probably not be anything more than 300 AI in the official game.

You can always mod the AI files however. I expect the modding community to grow a bit after I implement Steam Works and finish the documentations/tutorials for the mod tools.
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