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No Startup
confused Help !  Unable to launch game after playing for 5 months. No anti-virus program or other computer changes. Have reloaded multiple times including several total reboot/reload of program. Tried everything to no avail.! Might have to totally delete/reload from factory. Already deleted all saved games ( No help.), and delete/reload from Steam multiple times ( No Good.). Still cannot start game. Click on start, but game fails to boot up. Right after clicking on start, it goes back to Start screen. Anybody got answers?
You haven't played for 5 months, or you have been playing for 5 months?

If you are playing on Steam. When you use Steam to uninstall the game, it will not delete all the files from your computer. Steam policy prevents me from deleting old file caches and old settings files when you uninstall through Steam.

So you will have to manually uninstall the game then reinstall. You must follow these steps exactly or it will not work:
1) Open the main game file folder:
2) Return to Steam, while leaving the folder open.
3) Uninstall the game.
4) When the game is finished uninstalling, delete everything that remains in the main game folder.
5) Reboot the computer
6) Reinstall the game.

If it works or does not, let me know.

(In the future, run the game every so often to prevent files from being so far out of date that you run into this issue.)
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