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GearCity v1.23 Demos
With version 1.23 completed and all supplemental patches released it is time to update the demos for the game.

So what's in 1.23? There has been 87 documented bug fixes and 52 gameplay changes. Altogether there are 153 entries in the changelog.

V1.23 focused on a redesign of the contracting system. The system got a slight GUI makeover and the changes included some additional features such as racing contracts. This update also introduces two additional ways to share platforms with AI companies, the first is “Outsourcing” where you buy units manufactured units in bulk. And “Platform Sharing”, where you have access to any component a company you own a majority share in makes and they have access to your components.

The update also includes some improvements to the Auto Production system, a new munitions production system during a war, some AI improvements, rebalanced contracts and racing revenues, a new tutorial framework (which will have more content soon), and many bug fixes.

For a complete list, see the changelog:

For discussion, visit this thread:

v1.23 Demos:
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