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GearCity 1.22 Progress Thread
Excellent sounding really good Eric
Hello Eric,

thanks for your updates, looking really good and refreshing to see a dev so engaged with the community playing the game. Apart from a few smaller issues I have had with the game so far I am really enjoying it.

Keep it up!
We'll probably have a SP1 patch on Friday, here is what we've gotten done so far:
-War Events up to 1932 in Base City Map
-Mod Tools City Editor wiki entry
-Fixed Base City Map tax rates for Miami, Dubai, and Naples.
-Fixed bug in merger that causes some shares of merging company to disappear.
-Added an error message and prevented user from being able to buy child marques if they do not have enough money.
-Fixed bug which caused side panel to open below other windows
-Fixed exploit for new generation which can be used to reduce how long a model is made for.
-Fixed bug in Linux build on new distros with libgcrypt2.0 requirements.

Hoping to knock out another 10 tickets or so by Friday... Smile
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