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Purchasing Issue
Hello everyone

Firstly: this game is a dream come true for me, ever since I first played Detroit a long time ago. I've downloaded the game and tried the demo version, instant hook. When the demo ended I was devastated, so I decided to get the game normally through steam (first purchase ever through steam).

But there is a problem with that, and that is that I live in Greece, currently and for the foreseeable future we are under capital controls by the ECB. What that means is that Greek citizens-owners of Greek Bank accounts are not able to make online transactions from abroad, paypal,credit cards,debit cards,prepaid cards(not available), nothing works and there is no light on the end of the tunnel.

The only way for me to acquire the game is by mailing physical cash to your address, which I am willing to do so, and would have no issue with, that's my last option.

In any case, I'm open to any suggestion or other ideas you might have. Feel free to contact me through a PM or by replying to this post. I'll be around Wink

Regards Andreas.
Sorry for the late reply. I was out of the office today.

My first thought is to use Bitcoins. As ECB restrictions can not apply to cyrptocurency by their nature. Although this would take a bit of investment on your part in figuring out how it all works, how can you get bitcoins, etc. Plus you have to find a place that accepts bitcoins, won't rip you off, and has my game in stock. (I might not even get paid for it. But you'll at least get a copy.)

I don't have a way to accept direct foreign currency. I had to practically teach my bank how to do international wire transfers as I live in the middle of a swamp hundred KM away from civilization. Wink

Outside of Bitcoins, try emailing my publisher: they should be able to point you in the right direction to get the game. As they'll have a more complete list of key-vendors. Maybe one of them will be able to accept direct cash payment, or are Greek-based.

Once the game is fully complete, we'll be in a lot more distribution channels/networks. If the restrictions aren't lifted by then, hopefully we'll have a way to get around them by then. (Maybe a Greek box release or something.)

Let me know how it goes!
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Thx for your reply mate, I looked a bit but none of the retailers have the game one of them has a request option though so I've requested it. I'll also ask the publisher.

ttyl and keep up the good work!

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