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Translate the game
Hi everyone!

I want to translate the game into Spanish (it's fancy to read something in your mother tongue) but I don't know how to make the game recognize the new .xml file.

I've created a new file called 'Spanish.xml' inside the 'Localization' folder and changed the first line into <Localization language="es">, also, translated a few random sentences here and there to see some results but... Nope! The game doesn't let me to pick another language besides English.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance and my apologies for my English.

P.S.: Does the game support non-English characters such as 'ñ' or 'á'?
Read this:

I'm not sure if ñ or á will work in the current versions. When I get a fully working international version built it will. Smile

Feel free to ask if you have any more questions.
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Thanks a lot for the quick answer!

I'll try to finish up the whole translation as soon as I can.

Went to the thread you linked, added the new code bit in 'MainMenu.sheet' and the game successfully showed up the new option, but when I selected it and restarted the game (it asked me to do so even though I did not change any graphics configuration), now it crashes on every time.

I guess something on the new .xml file makes the game go nuts and crash, but I used standard English characters on the translation to avoid problems... Dunno what happens. I'll try to fix it myself.


Well, I made some progress:

I've duplicated the English.xml file, renamed it to Spanish.xml and translated just one word. Didn't touch anything else.
Now the game (upon changing the language and restarting it) works fine, so I guess the problem was on changing '<Localization language="en">' to "es".

More news:

Nope, it wasn't the "es", as I've translated some more sentences and now it crashes. I'm starting to think it has something to do with the length of the new sentences, being longer than the buttons on which they are, because I chose "Exit" first (in Spanish it'll be "Salir") and the game worked fine.


It wasn't the lenght, was a pesky 'ñ' which I forgot to delete. biggrin
Problem solved.

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