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Full Version: How to sell Sedan
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After almost a year I've started a new game in Naples (but not only, Paris, London etc...) - (Classic Map and Base City Map - Diff. CFO)
I've created a cheap but functional Sedan, and despite winning the award as the best European sedan, I can't sell it (Zero sales)
I'll need more information about the car, such as what type of fuel are you using? What year are you playing in, etc. If you email me the save game I can take a look.
(08-16-2017, 03:49 PM)frankieorabona Wrote: [ -> ]here is the file:

Looking at the file, it seems your Engine Smoothness rating (Scorrevolezza) is 1/100. Higher luxury classes of vehicles require more refinement (smoother engines, gearboxes, etc.) In this case, sedans are upper middle class in terms of luxury. But none the less, no one buying one wants to buy this sort of vehicle with a deafeningly loud engine that vibrates your teeth fillings out and thrashes around violently... The engine would work in a phaeton, but in a sedan the engine needs to be smoother. Since you're in very competitive markets, the other vehicles are outshining you in this respect. Thus they're taking away your sales.

Other than that I couldn't see anything else wrong. Then again, difficult for me to read, being it's in Italian. Smile

So in short. More luxurious the vehicle type is, the more smooth you need to make the engine. Make a 2 or 3 cylinder and you won't have this problem.