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Full Version: Vehices Stuck in Inventory
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I had two models that I discontinued from the auto commands. I believe I may have done it backwards where I stopped sales then stopped production. I now have both models show up in the monthly report with zero production but several units in inventory. I cannot find a way to access these units to get rid of them. I cannot assign them for sale to get rid of them either. What am I doing wrong?
Sorry for the late reply. I was out of the office for most of today.

Go to the World Map, select the factories which these vehicles were being made in. When you click Factory, click "View Details" (It should be the default screen when clicking factory.) At the bottom of this panel is the scrapping system. Select the vehicles there and hit "Scrap." You'll recoup some of the material costs of the vehicles.

Is always a good idea to sell through your inventory before you stop sales. Wink
That worked, thank you very much. I usually stop production a few months before a new model is released to eat up the inventory but I was probably drinking when I did it backwards.
Good to hear. Smile