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Full Version: [TESTING]Length of Cars = Legth of wheelbase
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Dear Erik,

I want to highlight this bug. All the vehicle based on the same chassis have the same length.... that actually is the length of the weelbase of the chassis.

So it means they have the same length of 2.70 meter. =/

Thanks in advance.
This is set like this on purpose until I fix some code in the mesh length calculations...

I'll take a look at it in a few minutes.
Some adjustments were made to the length calculations, I'm marking this thread as testing.
Hey Eric,

Thanks for the prompt action, btw i know on the same chassis you can produce car with different lenght... VW case.
Well the game checks to see if the chassis wheelbase is larger than the body, if it is, then it sets the length equal to the wheel base. The thing was, the values for vehicle body length were being calculated too small...

I've now made it wheelbase + some of the body. Thus giving us more realistic numbers I hope. Let me know how it is in 1.16