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Full Version: French traduction / Traduction Français
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somebody have work on French traduction ?
If not I can work on if you can
Developers are interested ?
thank you for your game
The game will be translated into french. However there is no work being done on this right now. I still have a few changes to make before giving the game to official translators.

Translation system gets top priority for 1.17, So it is 2-3 months away.

Thank you for play it. Smile
ok, so do you want to I help you or not because you have already somebody ?
I don't have anyone chosen at this second. It is a bit too early to choose someone.

However, if you want to look at the files unofficially, nearly everything that needs to be translated is in "English.xml" file. You can find it in Steam Applications/GearCity/Localizations
You should definitely try to have fans/the community do the translations for you wherever possible. Getting a professional translation done can be a significant expense...I should know, I'm a translator by trade. Feel free to PM me if you need any advice on this subject.
I think so is better to begin as soon as possible and add progressively.
So I begin the translation
Hi, I don't found the words of suspension/chassis/engine parts like straight for engine, unibody for chassis etc.
where is it ?
thank you
These are in the components.xml files, and have not been moved to the localization text yet.

This is one of the reasons I have said the game is not ready for translations yet! Smile
once that is done, it is more to do Wink
it remains for me more than RnD error and RnD description and event t finish and after optimized
see my translation at 90% not optimized.

Good game !
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