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Full Version: [TESTING]Prestige not working properly?
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In my current game I have two Marques.

The marque that I started with had a brief foray into Phaetons to get some volume and pump some money into the coffers to I could make a second marque and push the Phaetons into it and expand my total product offer without screwing with my prestige.

So, the main marque has never produced anything with a Luxury or Comfort slider lower than 50% and most of them are 80% plus but it has a Luxury prestige of "Below average"
The budget marque that doesn't produce anything with a Luxury or Comfort slider better than 60% and puts out a couple of vehicles with 10% on both has a better Luxury prestige of "Average".

Interestingly, despite spending more money on marketing than I ever have in a previous game both of my Marques have among the lowest Image prestige ratings of any in the current game. Not sure if this is related to this but or one or more of the marketing bugs people have posted.
Save game please, so I can look at the values.
Same save as the Marketing thread.
I've made some tweaks to the image system. As a result image ratings should increase/decrease much faster now.

Still needs testing, I probably should make it move even faster, we'll see.

Anyhoo marking as testing, let me know how it feels in EA or OB1.15